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Three free business tools

Empowered Business Woo Woo Show

Dive into the energetics of sales, unleash the power within you, and step boldly forward to serve your soul mate clients. This show is short and punchy, with little snippets to inspire and empower you to show up the way you were born to.  The Empowered Business Woo Woo Show is for soul-led entrepreneurs here to lead!

10 Hottest Money Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

Society has taught most of us to desire money yet at the same time push it away because it is ‘dirty’. Confusing AF right? Tell me about it! I LOVE talking about money because we need to change our relationship with money if we are let more of it into our lives. This is a great place to start…

Get To The Heart of Your Business Why

Your business why is your passion, your reason for being in business, it is the difference you are here to make in the world, and this cheatsheet will help you to dig even deeper to reveal the HEART of that why so that you can realign your marketing messages and make better business decisions.

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