Elevate your Intuition & Magic


Emerge: 6 month incubator for women ready to turn up their intuition,

tap into soul and access the most powerful magic in the world


Are you done with life feeling stuck and clunky because you are following the rules instead of tapping into your intuition and magic?


Are you ready to do life from a place of alignment and overflow?


Are you ready for more? More peace, more joy, more impact, and more magic!


Are you ready to be fully connected and supported?

You have caged your power, denied your greatness, and hidden your birth right intuition & magic for too long, it is time to Emerge

Packed with practical magic application, quantum trainings, soul activations, galactic practices, and rock solid aligned action taking, this program will deliver results on every level.


Learn how to connect to your soul, become permanently hooked up to your higher consciousness, and be guided in your every move in business.


Undergo a masculine delamination, shedding the old patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck and small to emerge as the divine feminine who rises to the top every time.


Tap into the quantum to unleash results in ease and flow.


Use your turned up soul access, feminine energy and new quantum skills to create soul aligned hot AF offers that will have clients screaming hell yes.

intuition and magic with Michelle Clarke


There are four powerful phases of Emerge that will see you accesing your full intution & magic, and crystallising into the woman who gets to have it all, the money, the peace, the joy, the love.

1. Accessing Your Soul


Soul activation session to get you tapped into soul right from the start


The method to access your higher self and inner wisdom FAST and with CERTAINTY – with downloadable journal for connecting to your higher self every day


Galactic re-coding for evolution process, past life activations and remembrance trainings 

2. Masculine Delamination


Exploring and releasing the masculine contructs that are holding us stuck


Calling forth and activating your inner feminine power


Taking back your personal power and installing supportive boundaries that allow you space and joy

3. Accessing Quantum Magic


Diving into magic that can be applied in a practical way


Step by step process for accessing the quantum


Method for channeling messages and deciphering codes

4. Crafting Aligned & Hot AF Offers


Training and method for creating your hottest offers


Creating a sales page that is hot as heck and converts


Emergence ceremony 

20 weeks of spiritual activation, re-coding and unleashment on every level, energetic, phycological, practical and spiritual

  • 3 proprietary soul access methods – valued at $666

  • 8 Galactic re-coding for evolution trainings – valued at $1584

  • 3 energetic clearing methods – valued at $399

  • 5 practical quantum magic application trainings – valued at $999

  • 2 past live activations to reveal and unleash your past talents and heal wounds which are still having an effect on your business in this lifetime –  valued at $499

  • 1 Hottest Offer Unleashment Method valued at $999

  • 1 sales page training valued at $399

Total value = $5545

Regular price = $1600

  *all prices are in USD

Your Price Today $777

This method really works!

“My experiences in emerge were intertwined with the birth of my daughter and the combination of healing feminine energy from the two have been amazing for me personally as well as how I approach business”.
“I found all the modules impactful, but the past life ones helped with a deep understanding of why my purpose work is so intertwined with disruption of systems, which has given me a profound and deep self belief that what I am doing is aligned and will be impactful in ways I can’t yet comprehend”.

“I rave about the program to friends who have been musing on their own spiritual development, and tell them that having a pathway laid out, to follow, helps guide you to places that you might not discover on your own, and having resources to go back to time and again has a compounding benefit when you find those “oh shit, can/should I really do this wobbly moments”

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