It’s time to throw out the old rule book for business – because that shit just ain’t working for you.


You’ve read all the marketing books, you’ve done the run-of-the-mill business coaching, tuned in to a million webinars and watched youtube clips till your head was about to explode.

Now finally, a woowoo book written for soul-led entrepreneurs just like you, will show you how to do business YOUR way and succeed with ease like never before. 


Is it time to shake shit up?

Are you tired of working all hours and getting none of the results?

Have you created the freedom you thought you would in your business?

Are you ready to ditch the boring old business ways and start doing business YOUR way?

Then this next level soulful business book will feel like it has been written just for you…

It will teach you how to own your awesome, create structures that fast-track your success and most important of all – how to harness your energy on a quantum level so you become so magnetic your dream clients come to you fast.

What’s inside?

After coaching amazing women for more than 10 years, and getting staggering results like: doubling income within a month; landing the; biggest client of their career within 2 weeks, and; tripling online sales over the first quarter, it is time for the secrets held within the Success Triangle that  Author Michelle Clarke uses to coach her Soulpreneurs to success to be released!!!  Woo Woo for Women in Business shows you how to access your secret sauce and mesh the woo with the do for quantum business results.

After reading this book you will…


Understand your uniqueness and how you can apply that to growing your profitable business right now.


Be tapping into your woo woo for the exact needle-shifting actions to take in your business, to claim your success and abundance.


Be applying the Success Triangle and taking your business results to the next level.


Understand and fully own your role in changing the world, supercharging your energy, and showing up like never before to claim the success that is rightfully yours. 


Understand energetics on every level and have all the practical tools for applying this to your business growth. Plus, have a full library of resources to ramp up your energy at any point in time as you need it.

Ready to buy the book?

BUY the book today and go into win 

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What our readers say

Carlie Maree

Michelle Clarke is a whole lot of fun with a big dash of worldly wisdom. In this book, she pours it all out, right from the heart. Every sentence is soaked in her undeniable passion for supporting spiritual women to own who they really are. She really understands the fear we can feel, when we dare to imagine stepping out and having our voice heard in the world. The magic of spaciousness, the art of surrender, the courage of trusting yourself, the beauty of accepting who you are. This book is a dynamic and powerful declaration of the badassery the world needs right now, and a succinct guide for accessing your awesomeness within.


For someone who has always felt the I didn’t quite “fit the mould”, reading Michelle’s book has felt like being give a great big validating hug.  Very practical solutions with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve both business and personal results in a fun, friendly and relatable way.  Michelle’s energy shines through her words and is quite contagious!


Clarke’s infectious energy bounds off the page; by the end of it, you’ll be aligning your soul’s purpose to your work and tapping into universal energy bliss with the best of them. There’ll be a smile on your face, and you’ll know what you are meant to be doing. It’s a powerful and indispensable guide. Bold, enlightening and endlessly witty, Clark tells you in no-bullshit ways how to uncover your magic and integrate all the parts of you to find the success you deserve. Highly recommend this book


I loved, loved, loved this book. Once I’d picked it up I couldn’t stop reading it! It’s fun, informative and chockablock full of useful information, ideas and shortcuts to your success. After reading ‘Empowered Business Woo Woo for Women’ I’m changing the way I approach my business and life. Thanks Michelle, this is a life changer. I put this book into the ‘must-read NOW’ category!!


Finding Michelle and reading her latest book is like coming home.  As soon as I started reading it, I wondered if she had written the book for just me?!  If you are ready to colour outside of the lines then this book is for you. It will provide you clarity and give you the ‘how’ to live your life with purpose. Our world is desperately crying out for more fiercely empowered weird ones to energetically step up and take brave and aligned action. Thank you Michelle!

Hi, I’m Michelle

My soul purpose is to
empower women because
it’s our time to shine!

I’m a results-driven, rebel rule-breaker that loves systems and structures that enhance flow. But, having run successful businesses for 25 years and coached women for over ten, I can tell you that success is easier than you think. Your business can (and should) lift you up, not bring you down.
So, allow me to support your greatness, get your gifts out to the world and help you make a difference.

Are you ready to fly?

BUY the book, learn my secrets to shake up your business, and shine as you have never shone before. 

**PLUS you get to select a free gift from our online shop (from $17 to $699)

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