A 6 month incubator for women ready to change the world

while scaling to 6 figures+ in ease and flow.


Is the way you are doing business exhausting you and stealing your joy and freedom? 

Are you at capacity already and wonder how the heck you can scale? 

Is the way you’re doing business not giving you what you deserve in return? 

Are you done with not getting paid what you are worth? 

Are you ready to impact the world the way you know you are here for?

Its time to…..




Ditch the overwhelm and learn how to run your business like a CEO 


Become the confident business queen who leaps out of bed with excitement each day and knows exactly what she needs to do today to grow her business.


Scale your income to 6 Figures + without burning out.

This shit really works!

Sarah stopped swapping time for money and set up a membership model that doubled her income and halved her work commitments.


Christiane overcame her money stories, doubled her prices and was able to start paying herself what she deserved while having yummy aligned clients who became raving fans.

Sandra reworked her business structure, ditched the clients who were holding her business back and reached her target of 7 figures.

Lauren quit her day job, trippled her business income, launched a new product line with great success and stepped up to be the bossbitch of her business.

What I know is this: the answer to making more money is never more work or more hustle, it is about taking big, brave, bold, and aligned action and then applying energetics to make it all work in ease and flow! Do less, make more! You can have it all, the money, the love, the success and the joy, and I want to show how to stand up and claim up.

Whats Involved?


Here’s how we unlock your success

Gain clarity on how to scale your business and achieve your goals

Discover what it is you truly want to create and figure out the exact steps to build a business that works for you.

Find the strategies that fit your business and target market

Learn to conduct your own market research and then refine the methods that reach your clients and highlight your unique personality and skills.

Learn how to use ‘Soul Method Marketing’

Clarify and communicate your real messages to stop chasing the wrong clients and magnetically attract your dream clients. Become your own marketing coach.

Get twice the work done in half the time

Ditch the hustle and enjoy flow as you get super productive, claim your freedom (and your sanity!) and do business on your own damn terms.

Get tools, templates, systems and automation hacks

Stop being a slave to admin and get a handle on your days, weeks and months so you can run your business effortlessly – without the overwhelm.

Re-structure your business to maximise profit

Quit trading hours for dollars with a business model and offers that increase profit and are in alignment with how you want your life to be.


F*ck playing small. Become a confident Business Queen

Bust the BS that holds you back by letting go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours so you can finally and consistently turn up like the BOSS you are.

Find and grow with your people in a fully supportive environment

Meet your soul-aligned tribe, the people who are ready to be brave, visible and successful – just like you. Together, you will rise, and change the world and encourage each other to be your best.

Here’s what you get

6 months of weekly in-person coaching and training (via Zoom)

Kickass group coaching to propel your business forward every single week from me and my team of experts. You’ll upgrade your energy and action for faster, better results and I will lovingly call you out on your bullsh*t so you can take quantum leaps towards unbelievable transformation. Our club motto is ‘this shit really works’, because it does. Prepare to have your mind blown.

15 powerful entrepreneur know-how online courses

As a soul-aligned entrepreneur, the ‘rules’ do not work for you. I rework boring corporate bollocks into fast-paced courses delivered in clear video and audio formats along with ready-made resources that help you apply the techniques. All tools are yours for life, and since I am always adding new content, you will continue to receive long after your time in the BAC.

An expert coach with eyes on your business 

Have my expertise guiding your unique business to achieve growth without the overwhelm. Take result-driven actions instead of being distracted by shiny new objects or wasting your time wandering in different directions. With my help, you will succeed.

Juicy Extras 

There are always yummy extras coming your way when you are inside the Buisness Acceleration Club, but here a few you get upfront:

  • Energetic clearing exercises – worth $199. 
  • My acclaimed Feminine Wealth Creatrix Course – worth $799
  • Soul Method Marketing Course – worth $2000

I like you to have EVERYTHING when you work with me at this level. If I have something you want, just ask.


Its time to say yes to…..




Doing business and making money in a way that sets you free.


Making the impact you want to make with your business.


Receiving in ease and flow.


A business that lights your soul on fire and feels fun.


Getting paid what you are worth.

Unlock your
Awesome with
the Business
Acceleration Club!

Here what one of the BAC babes has to say..

Hi, I’m Michelle, I am 1000% committed to showing women that they can have it all in ease and flow when they tap ito the gifts they were born with. There are few reasons that I am the coach that can do that for you:

  • Not every coach has the MBA + 25 years of personal hands-on business growth to back up their 10 years of coaching other women to success.

  • Not every coach is willing to look deep within your soul and nail what the root cause is faster than a line forming for free ice cream on a cruise ship.

  • Not every coach will say it how it is and pinpoint the crux of a block for you.

  • Not every coach can tap into their deep spiritual connection to ‘see’ what is an energetic fit for you and the growth you desire.

    I don’t just know how to lead you to the results you want, I will hold you firm until you get there. Anyone can pat you on the back and show you a strategy or two that worked for them, but do they have the experience to help you scale your business in a way that is in alignment with YOU and your LIFE’S PURPOSE?
    I do – and I will.

    If you are ready to go all in, then so am I am honey!



The BAC is a one of a kind ‘Wikipedia for Entrepreneurs”, you can not fail here. All laid out in easy to access modules and,  Michelle seems to be always one step ahead of you, as soon as your question marks pop up in your head, you can bet on it Michelle  has created another section in her course to answer your question. This is truly a life time membership as this is the backbone of your entrepreneurial life.

Kate Kirkman

Michelle has helped me overcome blockages and over the duration of our weekly mentoring sessions, I have not only started a second business but also built my first business to the point of needing to employ someone else.


I have been in the Business Acceleration Club for the last couple of months and the results have been AMAZING. There is heaps of really practical, easy to implement ideas and a touch of woo magic to really help your business get going. Michelle is super approachable and goes out of her way to help you out. Choosing to work with her has been the best decision I’ve made for my business so far.


I am selling out my in-person workshops and have a waiting list! I have exceeded my income targets for two months running. Feeling very happy + proud!


Before BAC I lacked direction and just went along at a snails pace as I had no one to be accountable to… since finding and working with Michelle I have up levelled massively, my income has doubled and still rising, I have direction, focus and even more self awareness on areas I didn’t even think of. This has changed my business in so many ways.


I have loved working with Michelle in the Business Acceleration Club. Her combination of business brilliance and focus on energy and mindset has helped me to make huge changes to the way that I approach my business and in the way my business fits into my life.


The BAC is a unique combination of practical strategy and “woo” ie. connection to soul and our purpose work. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable on so many levels and leads you clearly through a series of steps designed to create a strong foundation from which your business will grow in an aligned way. This is no cookie cutter strategy and Michelle easily brings your soul to the fore.


I did it.  I told my contract work that I am finishing with them on 16th April last day.  I am out on my own.  I am no longer reliant on anyone but myself. YEAH.  I am so busy with my own clients I no longer need any fill in work.  Thanks Michelle!!

Unlock your
Awesome with
the Business
Acceleration Club!