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Business Growth For Empaths


So you are an empath and a soul-led entrepreneur? First up, congratulations, the world needs you and is ready for what you have to offer right now. Now with that squared away, lets get on with what you really want to know… how to grow your business while staying true to who you really are.  In this article we look at:

  • What being an empath in business means in today’s climate
  • How to harness and use your gifts to grow your business
  • The 3 top things that hold empaths back and what to do about them


What being an empath in business means in today’s climate

Being an empath you feel things strongly and know things that you cannot explain, this has likely always been the case for you, and it is sometimes a blessing and sometimes not so much.

The gift of feeling so deeply does not turn off just because you put your business hat on and those feelings can be anything from helpful, distracting, or downright debilitating.

With so much going on in the world right now, and the fear vibes being off the richter scale, you will be feeling things intensely, and unless you have learned how to manage those feelings it can be hard to operate at the capacity you want to.  But it does not have to be this way, read on, and I will explain just how you can:

  • Protect yourself
  • Operate at full capacity
  • Grow your business

First let’s explore feelings. 

For the purpose of clarity here, a feeling is a physical sensation in your body.  An emotion is a frequency which elicits a bodily response which you feel as a physical sensation. The physical sensations are clues that you need to explore the emotions beneath, and what messages those emotions have for you.

Being an empath in today’s climate can be a challenge as emotions run high, especially fear, which has the densest frequency and is therefore felt more strongly. This fear can seep into our bodies and be confused as our own fear. In fact, that can be one of the biggest challenges as an empathic entrepreneur, deciphering when a feeling belongs to you or is a reflection of the wider consciousness.  

So why do we experience these feelings so intensely? They are a gift! You are here for an important purpose, and those feelings are a tool that you can tap into to help the planet and the people on it. Go back and read and that statement again “you are here for something big” .

I know that accepting this fact can be a challenge for us empathic entrepreneurs because we have always felt weird, operated a little outside of the norm, and shrunk away from the lime-light. But here is the thing… it is not about you, it is about the ‘thing’ you are here to do in the world. Leaning into that, that is, making it about everyone else and NOT you, will enable you to shrug off imposter syndrome and get on with making an impact in the world.

Empaths, once they learn how to discern feelings and flush them through their body to elicit the deeper meanings, become super powerful.  Inside my Magical Millionaire Membership which is jammed packed with entrepreneurial empaths, I notice that the biggest shift into power and away from struggle for them comes once they learn how to protect their energy, so that is what I will focus on for you here.

How to harness and use your gifts to grow your business

Feelings are your gift, and your biggest business asset. Once you learn how to manage the feelings and release them, you will find that your days are not only much more fun, and that you have oodles of energy, but also you will begin to ‘hear’ strong guidance on how to grow your business.

Most empaths are not born to empathic parents and/or are not taught how to manage feelings in a way that works for them.  The way that society teaches us to deal with feelings is to hold on to them, or resist the feelings and ‘get on with the to-do-list”. That does not work for entrepreneurial empaths. We cannot just stop “drowning in those emotions and get on with it”. The feelings are 1000 times stronger for us, and they can wipe us out. Here is what generally happens.

  1. Your soul notices something or you ‘feel’ something from another person.
  2. You get an intense feeling.
  3. You are too busy to feel that feeling right now, so you ‘truck on’ with your day.
  4. The feeling grows and grows.
  5. You start to feel exhausted and you don’t know why.
  6. Then you get a super strong physical sensation (or illness if you leave it long enough) in your body.
  7. Now you are at the bottom of the energy ladder and you wonder how you will ever grow your business and maybe you should give up and j*o*b.

Here is exactly how I teach my Magical Millionaires to harness and use their gifs to grow their businesses:

  1. Your soul notices something or you ‘feel’ something from another person.
  2. You get an intense feeling.
  3. You stop for 10 seconds – come on you have 10 seconds!.
  4. You allow the feeling to grow and you notice its colour, shape, feel, intensity.
  5. You ‘tap into’ the message that the feeling has for you – this can take practice and support until you get the hang of it.
  6. You decide on the aligned action you get to take and you take it now. Generally it will only take 30 seconds to do this or at least to put the action into motion – you do not have to complete all the steps right now, but at least start the ball rolling why you have the bravery and the intense feeling to motivate you.
  7. Set up a strong mindset rhythm for morning and evening to allow you to express and learn from your feelings. This allows you to be ‘even’ and ‘clear’ throughout the day.
  8. Use energetic protection exercises to protect you from overwhelming feelings throughout the day.


The 3 top things that hold empaths back and what to do about them

Being an entrepreneur means that you will eventually have to be around people: communicate, with customers; network; do marketing activities.  And the truth is you love connecting with others when you are feeling great, and the trick is to stay feeling great by using the above method. However, you won’t always feel great and at these times you must withdraw and get your energy back to full operational frequency BEFORE you connect with other people.  

This is the first thing that holds entrepreneurial empaths back – not wanting to disappoint others.

Generally we plan in advance, that is the way the world works, and so when an event or a meeting rolls around and we feel a bit drained we tell ourselves to “pony up” and get on with it. We have been told all our lives that we are soft, that we just need to get on with it, that we are being silly, and so we are even harsher on ourselves than everyone else. But, the best thing to do is exactly what your soul is telling you to do – retreat, and clear the energy.  In the Magical Millionaire Membership we work on boundaries and permission to be fully us, and while it is beyond the scope of this article to explore the methods, you could start this process by coming up with some phrases that you will use to politely withdraw from events you do not wish to participate in.

The second thing that holds empaths back from the success they seek is taking on other’s feelings/problems. This is the hardest one to resolve, because we do not even realise we are doing it.  When we take on others feelings/problems we add that to our own load and then become overwhelmed and tank our own business results. And even worse, we sometimes take responsibility for others feelings/problems, and then we deprive the other person of a learning experience.  Empaths tend to attract baby birds (emotionally stunted/stuck persons), it is like they can feel our willingness to heal and help. And help we do, we throw all our resources at them, do things for them, offer them massive discounts, and spend hours worrying about them.  Baby birds will not grow with your assistance, they will grow by learning from the situations they are creating. The best way to assist a baby bird, is to put an energy shield around yourself and the person so your energies are kept contained and to cut energetic cords daily.

The third thing that holds empathic entrepreneurs back is spending time around people/situations with off energy.  Since we feel everything so strongly, we must limit the negative energy that we are around, this includes in person and in cyberspace. Think about how you spend your days, do you read the news (negativity at its finest), do you scroll social media (and suck in all the worries laid out there), and do you go to functions, work with, or live with people who have ‘off’ energy. We feel all of that, and then wonder why we feel so drained.  The best solution here is to start taking note of how you feel after being around every person/situation and then eliminate the three top drains.  If there are people who are tanking your energy, you cannot then use that energy to grow your business – so this is important. If the person tanking your energy is someone that you cannot avoid, then at least reduce the amount of time you spend around them, guide the conversions carefully, and of course, clear the energy afterwards.

A final word about growing your business and tapping into your unique gifts.

The feelings and thoughts you are receiving are not made up, they are guiding you, please tap into your feelings and thoughts before making any business decisions and your business will grow so fast it will make your head spin. This is easier said than done, it takes bravery, in fact, it takes brass ovaries, and the guided action needs to be completed while you are still in the energy of soul, and not diluted or dumbed down to be acceptable to society in any way.

If you are ready to get brave and grow your business to serve even more people, if you are ready to feel great, if you are ready to step into who you truly are and finally feel at peace, then I invite you to join the rest of us thriving entrepreneurial empaths in the Magical Millionaire Mindset.

Together we shall rise,




Embracing your empath self in business

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