What are the 3 keys to succeeding?

Are you excited when you wake up? Do you have the energy to work on your business everyday?


Are you sick and tired of putting in the work and not getting the results?


Ready to work on getting some structure into your day and ready to be discplined?




Find structure to find massive results.


Hi, I’m Michelle from Empowerment Empires and I am here to empower you to actually get out there and do what you’re born to do and to make the money you deserve to make and live the life you dream of.

You are here to change the world, and you are here to live a life that is free and abundant, and you can HAVE both. It’s not an either or situation, and honestly I’m tired of seeing beautiful solopreneurs here to do amazing work in the world, hiding their lights, we need to get out there and bring our work to the world.

The 3 things that you need in order to succeed and build the business of your dreams and give yourself financial freedom, are: excitement, energy and discipline.

If you are not getting up excited as heck every single day about your business, then that needs to change. If you’re not excited about your business of course you’re not going to do it.

This is not a nine to five job that you’re rolling out of bed for saying “Oh yeah another dollar another day”. Oh my God, I hate that saying another dollar another day, it just screams poor money mindset and shitty attitudes!
Of course the people who say that are not excited about what they’re doing, but you, you are doing something in the world that lights you up, and therefore you should be super excited about it.

If you are NOT excited about your work, it could be that your energy is low, and that you need to do something about your state of energetics, or it could also be that you are not actually doing THE REAL THING that you are born to do in the world. You  might be doing something for the sake of making money, or because it was you know or have always done, or you might even be skating CLOSE to the thing you are here to do but not really HITTING ON the exact thing in its truest form just yet. When we skate around the edges, it is usually because we do not believe that we CAN get paid to do that thing that would be so super easy, natural and fun for us, or that we are afraid to bring it to the world because we would be crushed if it was rejected. But darling you gotta lay those excuses aside, because when you start bringing to the this world what you are born to do… that is when shit gets to be easy and super flow, and the knock on effect of THAT is all the joy and abundance!

If you’re rolling out of bed and you’re like, I’m tired… of course you’re going to feel tired! So stop telling yourself that you are tired.

You do not need coffee to get through your day.
Sure. It’s delicious. Go ahead and drink it.
But don’t rely on external sources for energy, energy should come from within you and if you’re lacking energy you need to look at all areas of your life like to understand why!

Of course first you will look at nutrition, sleep and movement, but beyond that look to your external environment, are the people you surround yourself adding too or taking away from your energy? Is your environment adding to or taking away from your energy? Are the tasks you spending your time on adding to or taking away from your energy?

And then that all a step even further and look at specifically what in your life is dragging you down, including the clothes you’re wearing, the jewelry you choose, the teacups you drink from – are they adding sparkle and energy to your life? are they bringing you joy?

Have you ever looked at people that are not joyful, they have a real lack of energy right? One of the symptoms of depression is a lack of energy and feeling sleepy all the time…No kidding, because when you don’t have joy, you have a lack of energy. You want to stay out of that black hole of depression (and I should know) then mind your internal and external energy.

A quick way to tap straight back into joy and therefore energy is to tap into the five senses: that is find something you can see that you love, something you can smell that you love, something you can hear that you can love, something you can touch or feel that brings you joy… and boom you will be instantaneously enlivened, I promise.

Discipline sets you free – yes it does! It sounds counter-intuitive, but by having the structures which shape your day and allow you to achieve all that gets to be done and layering the discipline of being committed to taking the actions you lay out for yourself each week will get you to your goals every time.
The fastest way to create a structure for success is to ensure that you have covered daily, weekly and monthly reviews and that you plan out your business actions weekly from your Annual Strategic Plan AND STICK TO THOSE ACTIONS.

Because without that structure you waffle off, right and I’m not talking about structuring every single part of your day and I’m not saying that you have to do the same thing at the same time every day.  I am saying that you have to make space and structure in order for your genius to come out, in order for you to take those brave bold actions in your business.

So excitement, energy, discipline.  Go ahead and rate it for yourself, on a scale of 1 out of 10.

How is your energy feeling? On a scale of 1 out of 10 how is your excitement?  On a scale of 1 out of 10 how is your discipline?

If it’s not at least a 9 for all of those you need to reach out to me!  Honestly, you can sit there and do nothing about it and wait for a whole other year and say “I’ll do it after lockdown” or “I’ll do it when the kids go to school”, “I’ll do it when this or that happens”, but the truth it the best time to start was yesterday and the next best time is today.  This is your FUTURE, this is your purpose work we are talking about, this is your FREEDOM.  How long are you going to wait until you take it seriously.

Have a fabulous day forward.

Together we shall rise,





Get the energy, excitement & discipline into your business!.

Don’t wait, don’t leave it until tomorrow.  The time is NOW.  Book a call with me and we’ll get some structure into your business and life.