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The thing that I am compelled to write about today is to resolve.
Without resolve, there can be no lasting action. For instance, you feel flabby and ick so you resolve to buy a gym membership, and you search until you find an aligned gym, you are super excited about going, it feels super high vibe, and you cannot wait to get started.

You can see yourself as fit and lithe and you just know that this time you will stick with the program. And you do, you are thrilled, this is WORKING you shriek!

And once you get a tiny bit of success you relax, you ease of the pressure, it won’t matter if you don’t go to the gym today, you have cracked the old chestnut and now you are well on your way to healthdom, it is not going to hurt to reward yourself with a little lie-in. I mean everyone deserves to/ should do/ gets that [insert whatever rationalization you like].


And here is the beginning of the slippery slope!

You let up.
And you let up and ease the pressure off because you no longer feel the pain, the discomfort of the flab, and ick feeling.
We are designed to converse energy!

We all know that eating healthful, nutrient-dense foods ‘feels amazing, so why do we choose shit food?
Simply because we are programmed to self-destruct, we do not want to stand out too far.  And hey now you are getting a great body at the gym, and think you deserve a break, a reward, but really what you are doing is answering a primal need to fit in, the blend in, to not shake up the status quo, and lord forbid you to outshine anyone else! Cause we all know what happens when you do that! You pop that little head up and the mean girl at school is gonna feel threatened and start singling you out, so you had better just keep yourself in mediocre shape, mediocre success, mediocre popularity, mediocre happiness.

The survival instinct is strong!

And now let’s take it all a step further.  Hang in there cause shit is about to get weird.

If you are in my space, chances are you are an empath (even if you don’t know it yet) and it is highly likely that you have been an empath and energy healer (aka a witch) in past lives too.  Why does that even matter? Well, let me explain…

Witch wounds are carried with us, even if you do not connect with having a past life as a witch, someone in your history will have been one! Now let’s talk about that in terms of generational wounds. Generational wounds are handed down through DNA, and there is a-science behind it, your reproductive eggs arrive with you into this world, you have your full quota at birth! Those eggs were grown from your mother’s and father’s DNA which was grown from their mothers and father’s DNA, and so on and so on. So generational wounds and genetic trauma memories really do have an effect on your life. Interesting huh?

Now let’s apply that to the here and see HOW your sliding commitment scales due to not wanting to be SEEN!
Yep, you guessed it, you do not want to be SEEN due to generational wounds, and schoolyard wounds, and all sorts of damn wounds!

But the great news is, you can counteract those deeply hidden energetic codes once you know about them. In fact, there are all sorts of methods of dealing with them, and I have done or taught most of them, but these days I choose to make it easy. I simply circumnavigate the triggers using energetic re-coding with galactic energy. It sounds weird, and maybe it is, but I tell you, it works wonders. It shifts me forward in 15 minutes instead of months and years of work, and I am all about the quick! I have got shit to do, people to inspire, a world to change, and I don’t need the generational wounds holding me back.

Here is to freedom and fast action taking so you too can get on with shining brightly and unashamedly in the world.

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