Out Loud

The art of getting booked on podcasts

8-week intensive including live coaching
and courses: starts 26th November


You are committed to bringing your message and your purpose work to the world, now let’s get you visible and heard!

Want to be invited to speak on multiple podcasts every week?
Want to increase your visibility?
Want to get on with sharing your message & changing the world?

Sharing your message and being heard is vital when you are here to change the world and it can be a whole lot easier than you think… when you have all the cheaty ways, tips, and tricks.

Your message needs to be heard

You’re here to change the world, let’s get you out there!

Messaging that makes podcasters sit up and listen

Messaging is the most important factor in getting booked onto podcasts, and we dive right to the heart of your messaging and cover a lot of ground including: The pillars of your soul message; Figuring out how your message is unique and powerful; Honing your speaking style; Nailing down your talking subjects.

Creating your own professional speaker pack

The fastest way to get booked onto multiple speaking platforms is to communicate the benefits of booking you clearly and in a format that podcast hosts can relate to. We cover: What to include (and not include); Writing your bio; Copywriting secrets; Gathering testimonials that make an impact.

Ensuring you have the right professional resources

There are a number of resources that you need but you won’t need to shell out a fortune with the top cheats tips to get great lighting, professional sound quality, and branding, including your business. and personal branding.

Applying for and getting booked onto podcasts

We take a look at what is required to get booked onto podcasts, how to approach podcasters so they will take notice and book you, and where to look for podcasters that are a match for you.


Be in quick, these bonuses are ONLY available for the live lunach round

Bonus one: 4 live Q&A sessions

Online learning is convenient, powerful, and effective, but being able to ask questions in person and live is GOLD. 4 Ask me anything sessions so you can move forward fast.

Bonus two: 4 coaching sessions

My coaching is usually reserved for my groups but I am being called to give individual feedback on your specific business here! There will be 4 times available for you to choose from.

Bonus three: Branding like a badass course

Branding plays an important part in growing your business and getting booked onto podcasts. For the live launch only, you get Branding Like a Badass worth $399 for FREE.

Bonus four: Making hot videos easy course

We take a step beyond being heard to being seen with a three-part course on how to make hot videos easy. For the live launch only, you get Making Hot Videos Easy worth $299 FREE.

Take your business visibility to the next level with Speaking Out Loud

* prices in USD

PLUS: Receive 4 bonuses; Making Hot Videos Easy Course; Branding Like a Pro Course; 4 coaching sessions; 4 ask-me-anything sessions. Live launch date is 26th November.

What’s Included?

Online courses

4 powerful modules with over 20 lessons, covering everything from resources, to professional speaker packs, clarifying your messages and your speaking style, right through to getting booked on podcasts.

Professional Tricks

We cover everything from how to get great speaker headshots yourself, to how to look and sound like a pro on a budget, as well as all the hacks and methods and places I use to get asked to speak on podcasts.

Like-Minded Biarches

Who you spend your time with matters – A LOT!  If you want. to roar like a lion don’t hang out with (or get vocal lessons from) the mice.  Join the exclusive Facebook group and stay motivated and connected.

My Personal Input

For the live launch only I will be helping you individually with your style, presence, and words. There will be 4 ask-me-anything sessions and 4 coaching sessions where I will review a part of your speaker pack personally.

Here’s what you’ll


Speaking gigs whether they are podcasts or other guest spots you will be BOOKABLE!

Professional speaking pack with everything aligned to your message and your brand allowing you to showcase yourself and GET BOOKED

Confidence by honing your messaging and your speaker style along with your branded talk topics you will feel oh-so-ready to BE BOOKED NOW

Bang for your buck with the 2 bonus courses worth more than the cost of this programme and the coaching and Q&A sessions bring the total cost of this live launch program to $1898 for just $499!

Take your business to the next level of visibility with Speaking Out Loud!

PLUS: Receive 4 bonuses; Making Hot Videos Easy Course; Branding Like a Pro Course; 4 coaching sessions; 4 ask-me-anything sessions. Live launch date is 26th November.

Hi I’m Michelle Clarke... 

in I was not born for normal - and neither were you!

You are I are not like the rest, we are here to change shiz up, we are here to make a difference in the world. The rules simply do not work for us, because we are born to lead - and leaders my darling do things that NO ONE else has done.

Read that again.... that is why the 'systems' and 'formulas' do not work for you - you are supposed to be leading the way, not following along!

We are here to break the mold, burn down the rules, and show the world how to do things in a whole new way. You know it is true, you can FEEL it inside of you, the burning desire for CHANGE for IMPROVEMENT...

I am committed to unleashing you, teasing out the untamed version, and setting you free.

So join me, let me help you to be all of you, the real unadulterated, unfiltered version of you.

My promise to you is this:

* I will always encourage you to stretch and grow and bring your most aligned and magical version self to the table

* I will give you what you need without the waffle and bollocks - and I will help you to dig deep and find your brave

Why me?

* I have been here for a long time - I bought my first real business at 18, set up my first company at 25, managed the biggest colleges in NZ, have the boring MBA and all the quals - but really, what matters is that I GET YOU... I know what you need because I have been coaching soul-led entrepreneurs for 10+ years.

* Access to my magical marketing and sales brain and experience so you can stop chasing your tail

* Tap into my abundance flow - it is impossible to not get results when you step into the ring with me, just being here will up-level you and call in the results you are seeking