You know that things are changing, your soul is calling you to upgrade, you’re not sure what to do with your experiences, but you are ready to learn, grow and rise.
Now you can get all the tools systems and support you need to help you take things to the next level, to activate to the next level of consciousness and become high vibe AF!

Are You Ready to Recode for Evolution?

New Energetic Practices  – old ways of doing things are no longer cutting it! These potent new practices will blow your mind and support you as you upgrade for evolution.

Shift the fear by finally stepping into your light, as together we drown out the darkness and release what has been holding you back. 

Ascend faster by understanding and integrating your experiences for what they are and finally release old wounds to become the highest vibrational version of you so that we can all heal the earth and raise the consciousness of humanity – together we shall rise!

Monthly trainings around energetics and new ways of operating in this world, including how to work with Archangels, Ascended masters, Galatic beings of light, and many other new tools pivotal to your soul’s growth and ascension.

A full library of online courses for you to learn at your own pace. With years of wisdom and practices that actually work, you will find a multitute of videos and ready-made resources, meditations, methods and tools for protection, grounding, cleansing, and how to deeply integrate and use crystals, plant energy, and colour healing in a whole new way.

You are no longer alone find your soul tribe in the exclusive Soul Activation fb group! A place where you can let your full-blown woo woo out, share your experiences, speak your truth, and ultimately connect in Unity as we learn and grow.

Monthly payment plans are also available, please email for information

What’s Included?

Monthly Training

A dedicated training session every month around energetics and new tools for growth and ascension, and connecting you to higher beings who are here to support you

All The Courses

A whole dashboard just for you, jam-packed with potent wisdom, practices, tools, methods, and content that will blow your mind, everything that you have ever needed in one place – finally!

Soul Family

A unique and safe place for you to grow and support each other as you step into being the next level you. Ask questions and get custom answers from Crystal & Michelle and all your other new family.

FAQ’s about Soul Activation Circle

How do I access the content

As soon as you sign up you will be emailed a log-in to a special Soul Activation Circle Homepage where you will be able to access all the courses and tools – and more stuff is being added all the time so be sure to check in regularily.

Please check your spam/junk folder to make sure you receive this welcome email and be sure to ‘bookmark’ the homepage so you can find it again.

Any technical issues please email me


How do I access the monthly training

The monthly training will be uploaded to the homepage directly.

The trainings are downloaded to us from our spiritual team, and the dates and times will vary, but you will be notified of when they are due to come out in the facebook group.

What is the best way to interact with you and the rest of the soul activation clan?

The way to interact with us and your soul family is in the Facebook group.

You can ask questions in this group and everyone will answer and support you, this is a space of safety, mutual respect, privacy, and accountability.

Energy is everything, we are here to ascend and raise our vibration.

Sharing experiences is also encouraged, and in light of the above statement, please be mindful that you stay solutions-focused and concentrate on raising your vibration.

What sort of people are in here

All kinds darling. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

You don’t need to be a highly spiritual being. tobe in here, you just need to be open.

This membership is for everyone who is ready to raise their vibration.

What happens if I'm not vibing with the Soul Activation Circle?

We know that you will love this space, but if you decide within 14 days that the Soul Activatio Circle is not for you, then please advise us directly by EMAILING

There will be no refunds made after 14 days.

Hi, We Are Michelle & Crystal


 Together we are the Alien & the Angel

Let’s face it there are new galactic energies affecting the earth right now, and both Michelle and Crystal have experienced these changes – and we know that you will have been feeling these energies too.

In case you are wondering, Michelle is the alien, and Crystal is the angel.

We have been guided to raise the vibration of the earth and to support our soul tribe in raising their vibration as we ascended to a new level.

We have been there before and know this journey can feel like a lonely one, the experiences that we have can make us feel like we are bat shiz crazy but in all reality, we are all experiencing this at the same time, and we are here to bring us all together in Unity, remove the darkness and fear as we rise up to the next level for the highest good of all.

Being different beings we have both experienced these energies differently, and Michelle has been downloaded a whole set of new energetics (complete with sacred geometry, movements, crystals, herbs, and more) to help us shift and upgrade to be in alignment with these new energies coming through. Crystal is downloading deep knowledge (and has all the tools) to shift the wounds and traumas that are keeping us from being able to upgrade with ease at this time.



If you need a monthly payment plans are also available, please email for information