Together, we’ll get
quantum results

Wether you choose group business coaching, abundance coaching, or strategic business growth through one on one coaching, you can bet your nilly that things are going to get wild and fun. We will be unleashing the deepest most aligned version of you, turning up the dial on your energy and calling in sales magnetically, and providing the solid business strategies and structures which support rapid growth without sacrifice.  Alongside the physical structure and systems, we will be expanding and leveraging your energy, and reconnecting you deeply with your soul messages while empowering you to become visible (and irresistible) AF. In no time, we will have you screaming “this shit really works” too.


The unique way that I empower you to get results is to help you:


Unlock the most authentic & powerful CEO boss version of you by scraping away the conditioning, reconnecting you with your deepest desires and your soul.


Then we burn down the rules! And restructure your business  in a way that makes you more profit and gives you the freedom you seek. 


Then we turn on the magic, dive into energetics, and dial up your marketing in a delicious way that matches your vibe and has your clients coming to you!

Are you ready to straighten your crown and make some magic with me?

Take your pick of the ways to work.

Acceleration Club

Your 6-month journey to sustainable business growth.  Ready for the structures, systems and strategies which will light an effing fire under your business? Weekly business coaching, and powerful online business growth courses.

Magical Millionaire

Clearing your money and success blockages on an energetic level for quantum business growth. Weekly activations and clearings and monthly Money Masterclasses.

Business Coaching

Powerful coaching to get you where you want to be, fast. All the strategy, support, and mindset shifting you need.  Weekly coaching sessions.

Success Academy

Time for big, bold, aligned actions to make your desires a reality? No room for fear in here, these weekly coaching and monthly straetgy sessions will build your empire rapidly.

Find out what meshing the woo with the do actually looks like after coaching with Michelle

So, Who is Michelle?

I’m a soul-led energy maverick, author, public speaker, business coach, animal lover, tree hugger, empath, and more than anything – an empowerer of women!

I grew up constantly hearing that I was TOO MUCH and it is simply not true. I spent alot of years reining it in, and it hurt my business growth and dimmed my lights until eventually I didn’t want to be on this planet. 

These days I live in full glory, full fun, am wildly unleashed and 100% tapped in to soul. When we dial up who we really are, the whole world benefits! and our busnesses grows in unexplainable leaps and bounds. 

Together, we will build solid structures for sustainable and continued business growth in your business and unleash your next next results!

I worked with Michelle in her group coaching program and got the VIP 121 coaching, it was worth every penny!!  Before the coaching, I lacked direction and just went along at a snail’s pace but since finding and working with Michelle I have up levelled massively, and my income has doubled and is still rising!