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Get the following 

To reset your money mindset (or insert what it is they are getting)

Find the strategies that fit your unique business. There are a tonne of strategies but you need to first understand your market and their needs. We teach you to conduct your own Market Research first and then look at which strategies will suit both your clients and your unique personality and skills.

Attract clients magnetically rather than being salesy. We first help you to clarify your unique selling points and messaging and then teach you to step bravely into authentic client connections that convert.

Get twice the amount done in half the time. The key to productivity + freedom is to only take aligned and focused actions. We show you all the tricks that the big corps use in a whole new way that works for entrepreneurs with other responsibilities just like you.

Become the confident Business Queen you are born to be by busting the BS that hold you back and showing you how to thrive, make money, and have all the fun while you are at it.

What’s Included?

The Weekly Coaching

A dedicated group coaching session every week to give you individual help to move your business forward, set targets for the week ahead and keep you accountable.

All The Courses

10 Powerful business growth courses delivered in easy no waffle videos and audios with all the ready made resources. You can explore these in detail below.


All hours support to answer all your questions and guide your progress. Remember who you spend most of your time with dictates your outcomes.

The women who have done [insert name of offer] have been able to:

Make more money without facing burnout and ‘overwhelm’ to make it happen

Grow with the help of smart marketing strategies, sales funnels and streamlined systems

Step it up a notch with strategic plans that are in alignment with their big vision

Shine, having been inspired and connected with like-minded business owners, and re-found that spark they needed to keep growing, learning and evolving as a business owner

FAQ’s about [insert name of offer]

When are the coaching calls?

Coaching calls are the same time and day each week and depend on the group you are enrolled in. All calls are tailored around you and your business but we will also be covering the following content

  • Your next steps in business
  • Crafting a  business that works for you and not the other way around
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Busting the bullshit holding you back from success
  • Setting up your social media accounts for peak performance
  • Making your life match your business (raising the levels all round)
  • Becoming the business queen you are born to be
  • Client management systems
  • Automated systems
  • Marketing, marketing, and more marketing
Are the coaching calls recorded?

They sure are, and they are put up into a private group for you in case you were not able to attend or what to revisit something.  What about if I cannot attend and need to ask you a question? No worries, we have the open all hours support group remember.

What are the coaching calls like?


I know exactly how to empower you to grow your business from years of helping others to achieve mega fast growth and know exactly what to challenge and/or support you around every step of the way. 

You will come to love the coaching sessions, they are super fun and everyone on the calls are just like you. The previous groups have all stayed together and still support each other even today, you will make some long-life business supporters who have your back, bolster you up, and will give you priceless support and feedback – real support and feedback from real business owners who ‘get it’.  As for me, I am the least judgemental person you will ever meet, you cannot shock me, and my sole (soul) purpose is to be here for you and to get you the results you deserve. Coaching can be confronting sure, but it is always done with love.  I am yet to have someone hate coaching :). Oh yes, I am qualified of course, and all calls are confidential.

Hi I’m Michelle Clarke


I am here for you! period. end of story.

You are I are not like the rest, we are here to change shiz up, we are here to make a difference in the world.

We do things in a different way, and squashing us into a box that is not made for us stifles our creativity, gives us imposter syndrome, and it does not lead to success for us.

I am committed to showing you all the flow ways, the cheaty ways, the fun AF ways, and I WILL empower you to shine your light and get on with saving the world! Because darling, you are meant for big things. You might not say it out loud (yet) but you and I know that this is the truth.

So join me, let me help you to be all of you, the real unadulterated, unfiltered version of you.

My promise to you is this:

* I will only ever give you what works

* I will give you what you need without the waffle 

* All my products have a 14 day full money back guarantee