Online Course Bundle: Branding + Making Hot Videos Easy

NZ$ 917.00

2 of my most popular courses bundled together for your benefit:

  • Making great videos – all the secrets shared
  • All the free techy cheat tech tools that make videos look professional
  • How to create cracking graphics for free
  • Figure out what your brand stands for, and how to apply that to your branding assets
  • Branding your workspace and building branding backgrounds
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Making Great Videos: all the tools, tips, and cheats

People buy off people they like, and video allows your audience to get to know and like you quickly.  In my experience, people hold off on doing videos because they are afraid to look silly. Well, I have got you covered, in this course, I take you through EVERY LITTLE THING you need to make your videos fabulous!

  • What to say – the actual templates
  • Lighting
  • Recording hacks and tips
  • What to wear
  • How to stand
  • How to sound fabulous
  • Great recording locations
  • PLUS all the free tech cheats and tools

Purposefully Branded Backgrounds

If you are going to be doing lots of videos on branding, having a background that matches your brand is required. Branded backgrounds make your clients feel ‘comfortable’. With online sales, people need to know like, and trust you, and having congruent branding, messages, and backgrounds allow your clients to relax and trust you.

Time for a little re-brand or brand tickles up? This training is a live workshop recording which tells you how to think about your brand and match it to YOU – you are your business and what you stand for in business needs to be communicated clearly.

About That Brand!

If you are going to be doing lots of videos and pushing your content out there, then it better be ‘on brand’.  Yet branding seems to be such a mystery for some reason, and I think it is because we complicate things so much. This simple to follow training will help you to pick keywords, and match those to colours and shapes, and then dive into colour phycology and branding before learning how to nail out great branded products using all of canvas hidden secret tools you have been missing out on. There are at least 5 nuggets in here worth hundreds of dollars in time saved each!

Grab the bundle now – this is not something you want to miss out on!


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