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Here you will find a range of articles and podcasts on which Michelle has been featured. So dive on into something that lights you up and get an energetic boost to shift you forward right here right now – cue song Right Here Right Now.

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As featured in other podcasts

 Various topics on multiple podcasts sure to inspire you & have you laughing along….

Your world of creativity

 A great conversation with Mark about living your life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

Talking with the experts 

A great episode with Rose Davidson around success mindset and money mindset.

Too legitimate to quit

On shame, magnetisim and the rocky horror picture show, you don’t want to miss this one!

The how to entrepreneur

We talk about the practicalities of making it all work as an entrepreneur.

Wild Hearted

A great episode about about coloring outside the lines, knowing and being yourself, and the power of intuition in the workplace.

Better too podcast

We discuss moving business online and tapping into metaphysics for business success.

Articles & Interviews

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Success structures for creatives

Interview with world famous youtuber Cheyney McDonald on how to set up systems that work for creatives.

Money made fun

This laugh a minute interview makes the topic of money mindset super fun.

How meshing woo + do works

This interview with Brainz Magazine highlights how meshing the woo with the do really works.

Mindset for wellness businesses 

Interview with top NZ Naturopath and former Nutrition & Naturopathy Leader at Wellpark College.

Why you don’t want to stay safe

Brainz article about the perils for business owners who play it safe.

Women’s event coverage

All about the women’s confidence building event in Whangerei.

Avoid losing loyal customers

Featured in Help Squads article 5 smart ways to prevent loosing loyal customers.

Turning negative reviews around

Feature in Live on how to turn around negative business reviews.

Authenticity uncensored

Feature in Award winning The Maverick Paradox Magazine about true authenticity for maverick business owners.

Business growth for empaths

Top article in Brainz Magazine showing empaths in business how to tap into their gifts.

Surprise secret to wealth

Article in Brainz Magazine about a little known secret to wealth that you might not know.

Women and visibility

A frank article about women and why we struggle with visibility.