What are the 3 keys to succeeding?

Are you excited when you wake up? Do you have the energy to work on your business everyday?


Are you sick and tired of putting in the work and not getting the results?


Ready to work on getting some structure into your day and ready to be discplined?




It is all about the energetics…


It is time to become a clear channel for receiving

Dropping into who we really are, digging deep to pull out the thing that wishes to be birthed, requires us to be fully tapped in. Yet we live in a world that is distracted beyond distraction.

I had something happen the other day that made me realise just why some get the results and some do not. It is simply about energetics, and I say this over and over again, but it is almost TOO SIMPLE to explain. Even when we ‘get it’ we think ‘no there must be a piece I am missing’.  
Energetics is about being a clear channel for receiving.
Receiving money.
Receiving love.
Receiving clients.
Receiving praise.

Let me try and explain distraction a little better because it is everything and yet nothing.
Distraction is noise.
Distraction is social media.
Distraction is over learning again and again and just adding one more thing.
Distraction is perfectionism.
Distraction leads to thoughts of unworthiness.
Yet energetics and being a clear channel is what allows us to feel so deeply worthy and lit up and therefore allows us to bring the fire to our businesses and get the results that we seek as if by magic.

I used to spend hours, I mean hours, like 15 hours a day ‘doing all the things. Making my own website, posting 100 times a day, making follow up calls, refining courses, writing copy, doing THINGS that were ultimately just things.

There was a time when I sat at my desk STRIVING, YEARNING even for the day when my calendar would be full of clients so I could change their lives. The fire WAS in me, I had desire in shipping container loads, but I didn’t have was FLOW.

OMFG, that word right? does it not trigger you? It used to trigger me, flow, What the TF do you mean flow, I cannot flow, I don’t have time to flow, I have shit to do.

I mean, I built my business (And many other businesses) to 6 figures within 6 months by DOING not frigging sitting around ohming. Do you want to know a secret I only JUST last weekend ‘learnt’ to meditate? Sure I had done led meditations and various things… but never formally learnt.
And do you know what I learnt? I don’t need to effing meditate.
I am the mofo meditation.
Many laughing emojis, but honestly, I released that the state they call nirvana, the peace they are all chasing that is WITHIN ME all of the time, and that space, the peace… it got there through energetics.

Ah, back to damn words, energetics, I still have not clearly explained what it is have I?
That is because I don’t REALLY know how the fuck to say it.
But here goes….
Energetics is about clearing the energy in your soul, your mind and your body.
Yoga clears your energy as does walking.
Meditation clears your mind as does reading.
Nature connection and energetic practices clear your soul as does horse-riding (or whatever your particular thing is).

You see energetics is nothing and everything.
Energetics allows you to be a clear channel for receiving and without it growing your business is just a hard slog with minimal results.
When you are not energetically clear you not ALIGNED.
If you are not aligned you cannot operate from soul.
When you are not operating from soul everything is 6 times harder, you are working all the hours under the sun and taking all the actions instead of operating for 2 hours from soul.

How do you clear your energy?
With energetics…
I have been guided to a series of movements and symbols that will clear your energy and allow the new energies now coming into the earth to be integrated more easily.
We are moving into a new era, there is no doubting it, you can feel it too right?
Business is done in a whole new way.
We are communicating in a whole new way.
We are living in whole new ways.

And yet we are trying to DO and BE in these new times with the old energy, so of course, we are feeling the squeeze, feeling discombobulated.

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Have a fabulous day forward.

Together we shall rise,





Operating in Ease & Flow: Action Steps

a) Make a list of clients and rate them by how much you enjoyed working with them – then do the same with your services/product

b) consider the top three in each of the categories above and find the commonalities, what in particular floated your boat?

c) Do this journal prompt: “If there were no rules, and everything I did from here on out was a guaranteed success, the way that I would really want to be doing business is….”