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There are two keys things missing from todays society, pleasure and freedom, and it’s no coincidence that we are experiencing more anxiety and higher rates of burnout than ever before.  Without pleasure in our lives (and in our businesses) we loose access to flow and everything feels harder, clunky, and effortful. Without freedom we loose access to creativity and soul connection and we enter a phase of resistance and procrastination.

Yet when was the last time you felt fully steeped in pleasure?

And when did you last feel total liberation and freedom?

Our lives are so busy and so full that we have forgotten what it means to be alive! We have forgotten that the whole purpose of being here is to elevate… elevate our energy, elevate our joy, elvate our presence, so that we can ripple out those yummy frequencies to the world.

When you are vibing high, when you are enjoying life, that touches others around you, and lifts them up also.  The best thing you can do for your loved ones, your community, and the world, is to invite pleasure back in…

Pleasure is where it has to start because it sets our energy to the right frequency – the frequency we need to be in order to see clearly, to have our desires come to us in ease and flow, and therefore give us the energy and clarity we need to help the world. Yet we feel (or at least are made to feel by societies beliefs) that if others are suffering it is aborhant to be in pleasure. To be seen enjoying yourself when so many others are suffering is frowned upon. Yet by you joining in the low frequency and feelings of hardship that others are currently experiencing only lowers the energy further.

I realize that what I am telling you feels wrong – that is what society has led you towards. But you have to acknowledge that the world is getting worse not better – so it is time to try something else.

I invite you exlpore pleasure and what it means for you. For me, pleasure is found in nature and with animals. And anything to do with floating, or unrestricted movement throws me right into freedom feelings which elevate me to no end… riding horses, floating on flamingos, doing aerial yoga. What is it for you? And how can you bring in more of those feelings right now even if you can’t get outside or do what you normally do?

Step up and into pleasure today and support the whole world energetically.

And to give you a little boost up today – have my free Pleasure Codes Energetic Training for FREE



Ready to elevate

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Pleasure is a feeling of enjoyment often associated with enjoyable experiences. It is a freedom from pain in the body and tumoil in the soul. Pleasure amplifies magic and miracles and makes the impossible … possible. It’s that simple!

Take a journey BACK to pleasure and freedom to elevate all areas of your life and business. Click the link below to join now!

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