As always, we are creatures of habit.

We are creatures created by our habits. Our habits form together and meld our lives, fashion our lives, into something that represents the actions we take daily, weekly and monthly.

Habits can seem so insidious a tiny little tweak here, tiny waste of time there, a little beating yourself up with your mind over there.

Pretty soon those habits snowball. They snowball into insurmountable mountains. They stand between you and what you truly want. The habits are formed because we’re afraid to push through the resistance to what’s on the other side.

But what’s on the other side of your habits, is utopia. What’s on the other side of the mountain is a life, which has been created by your habit, is a blissful life lived with healthy supporting habits.

Why don’t we take the time to examine our habits? Just as we take time to examine our bank accounts, or we take time to examine our pantry and our fridge to see if it’s time to go shopping? We take time to examine our relationships to see if there are any areas that we could improve. We take time to examine our businesses or we should be examining them every week, every month, to ensure that they’re on track and that they are leading us toward a life that we can’t wait to live. 

Because here’s the sad truth of it, so many of us are living lives that are either treading water flowing backwards down the river, or that are so painful and with so many obstacles in it and it’s so difficult to navigate the rapids but we just close our eyes and flow down blindly on the raft. Trying not to scream as we get tossed this way and that but it is possible to live your life in a crazy river and be supported by habits.

Habits can support or hinder you. The good habits make you feel good not necessarily why you’re doing them that they make you feel good afterwards. They create the solid basis. They build the lazy river if you like and then other habits on top of that pump up that beautiful little tire for you so that you can float around on it.

What are your habits doing for you? And what are your habits?

Today I challenge you to write out a list of all your habits and then go through and analyze:

✨ Is this habit supporting or hindering my best life?

✨ Is this habit sustainable in leading me to a life that I can’t wait to live?

✨ Does anything need to be started stopped or changed about this habit? And how can you change it?

So many people at the moment are posting these big amazing goals they have for 2022. But what about the little things? The little things form your everyday life that little things really matter?

Just the same way that the little things matter in your relationships, not the big grand gestures. The big grand gestures are nice and fun and romantic. But they really don’t measure the underlying meaning or stability of that relationship, right?

It’s the little things that you do every day. It’s the same with your business. It’s the same with your health. It’s the same with everything.

So let’s look at the little things today and I’d love to hear what little things you will be changing.

Inside BAC we deal with habits. The way that you run your business feels normal to you because that’s the way you have always done it but have you examined the things and the actions that you take daily, weekly, monthly and if you tweaked them and you were able to save yourself at least 10 hours a week, imagine how much more you could work on your business instead of in it. Imagine the effect of working on your business for 10 hours, imagine the freedom, the increased abundance, the bigger, better, juicier more soul-aligned actions you could be taking in your business and the fun you could be creating for your future self and your business. If you would like to explore Business Acceleration Club and find out exactly which habits are holding you back in business right now, Michelle is offering FREE calls for the month of January to analyze your business with you to see where you can tweak things to get better results in 2022. 

You can go ahead and book that HERE. 

Have a fabulous day forward and remember together we shall rise.

Michelle xx