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Energetic Sediment Clearing

Hi I am Michelle Clarke, founder of Empowerment Empires and I am thrilled that you have chosen to receive this Energetic Clearing. 

Having your energy cleared will not only raise your energy levels, it will reduce overwhelm, bring you clarity and clear up the energy of the environment and those around you too.

Energy matters most and your energy can become weighed down by others around you, the information you let inside your head and the energies of the collective. Clearing on a regular basis keeps you operating at optimum levels.




Work on a whole other level

 What to expect…

This training is one of the many downloads from our live Elevate – Galactic Energy Activations Program. It is one of the more intense clearings, but team Empowerment Empires wanted you to experience the full effects.

Energetics is when we access the ‘energy’ of other realms and in this particular download we work with Metatron who has a powerful galactic energy. You are perfectly safe while doing this, just come with an open mind and heart – we guarentee you will feel amazing after this short 20 minute audio experience.

Go ahead and dive on in…

Ready for regular energy clearing?

Elevate: Galactic Energy Activations

Empowering you to flow through whatever comes your way with easy-to-digest weekly energetic clearings, realignments, and activations

As an energetic being having a human experience your energy system also requires clearing and support the same as your physical body requires routine cleaning, maintainance and repairs


Clear personal, generational, collective and residual energies, traums and debris to keep your energy channels clear for receiving in ease and flow.


Realign your energetics to a higher freqency keeping you in control, feeling light, and full of energy.


Utilize guided galactic energy to repair and restore your physical and energetic systems to leave you feeling fully healed and realigned to your highest self.


Release old coding, past life vows, current hooks, daggers and fog, and call in new galactic gifts and support to have you firing on all clyinders every day.

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