6  Hats  Business  Analysis & Review




1st Dec 7am UTC





You’d love to do an in-depth business analysis and review but either don’t know where to start or the standard corporate models make you feel a bit queasy


You know that business reviews provide clarity and help you to grow your business in a structured and aligned way, but you need the process to be fun and supported


You are excited to grow your business in 2023 and want to be really clear about what you can do to support your business to do that

I’m particularly excited to be offering  this because it effectively combines a professional business analysis, and an in depth review with a performance appraisal that works for entrepreneurs and small business owners like you.

It is like nothing else out there and will provide you with a 360 degree perspective and inspire you to grow your make a difference business in 2023!

What it’s about…

Giving you the tools to grow your business


In my corporate management roles I led our teams to review performance and growth and set growth plans for the future.

These worked great, but the models used in corporate don’t work for the women I work with… the ones here to change the world! 

And so I am bringing you this 6 Hat Elevated Business Analysis & Review for free – I want you to have the tools to grow your business because I care about changing the world too.

Let me introduce myself…. I’m Michelle, an energy maverick dedicated to raising the vibrations of the world who also happens to have an MBA (and 6 other quals to boot) and 25+ years of successfully growing businesses. I am dedicated to empower women to rise, because they are ones that will lead the way in doing things differently!

What we will cover in the workshop

We will be putting on 6 different ‘hats’ in order to give you a full 360 degree business analysis and review so that you can grow your business in a way that is in alignment for you and your market in 2023.

  • Review your business actions and progress so you can make future business plans that will get you to where you want to go

  • Analyze what worked and what didn’t so you know where to focus your energy moving forward

  • Check that your business is growing in a way that serves the world and meets your personal desires so you can grow your business sustainably

  • Ensure that your messaging and marketing lands for your clients so you can grow with ease and flow

  • Review your performance in your business so you can decide a clear strategy for 2023



So who the heck am I?

Hi, I am Michelle, and that there is Freddy my flamingo. I take business growth seriously because we are here to impact the world, but that doesn’t mean that business has to be dry or boring. In fact, when you turn up your individual sparkle, things start to flow so much better.

I have been teaching women to grow their make a difference businesses to massive profits in ease and flow for more than 10 years now and I my purpose in life is to inspire and empower as many women as possible to raise the vibrations of the world. 

What others have to say about working with Michelle

“I knew that there had to be an easier way to do business and I knew that what I was doing was simply not sustainable, but what I didn’t know was that the solution was going to be so easy.  I wish that I had backed myself earlier and booked a chat with you Michelle, I am so super excited about what the future will bring me now, and I can feel the internal shift already. Thank you so much.” – Jude
“OMG…Michelle, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We followed your launching process and it worked so well.  It has been a huge day in terms of change for us in the way we do things here and the universe has rewarded us for pushing forward into the unknown.  Our customers have been so supportive in-store and online.  Thank you so much for your divine guidance.  I am overwhelmed with emotions as I write this.  Everything you have taught me is finally coming together.  #thisshitreallyworks” – Angela