A 20 week program showing soul led entrepreneurs how
to access the depths of their soul, tune out the noise,
tap into the most powerful magic in the world,
and create their hottest, most aligned offer yet


Are you done with your business feeling stuck and clunky and following the masculine way of doing business? 


Are you ready to do business from a place of alignment and overflow?


Are you ready to accept and access your feminine magic to get quantum results in ease and flow?


Are you ready to create powerful offers that sell themselves because they are aligned and hot as heck?

You have caged your magic, denied your greatness, and hidden your real talent for too long, it is time to Emerge

Packed with practical magic application, quantum trainings, soul activations, galactic practices, and rock solid aligned action taking, this program will deliver results on every level.


Learn how to connect to your soul, become permanently hooked up to your higher consciousness, and be guided in your every move in business.


Undergo a masculine delamination, shedding the old patterns and beliefs that have kept you stuck and small to emerge as the divine feminine who rises to the top every time.


Tap into the quantum to unleash results in ease and flow.


Use your turned up soul access, feminine energy and new quantum skills to create soul aligned hot AF offers that will have clients screaming hell yes.

What you receive

20 weeks of spiritual activation, re-coding and unleashment on every level, energetic, phycological, practical and spiritual.

  • 3 live coaching sessions – valued at $999 [1st August, 3rd October, 5th December] 
  • 3 proprietary soul access methods – valued at $666
  • 8 Galactic re-coding for evolution trainings – valued at $1584
  • 3 energetic clearing methods – valued at $399
  • 5 practical quantum magic application trainings – valued at $999
  • 2 past live activations to reveal and unleash your past talents and heal wounds which are still having an effect on your business in this lifetime –  valued at $499
  • 1 Hottest Offer Unleashment Method valued at $999
  • 1 sales page training valued at $399

Total value = $6544

Regular price = $1600

Your saving = $5878

This shit really works!

Crystal smashed through her previous barriers and launched a programme that had been wanting to come through for a long time, it sold out in 3 days!

Catherine decided to own her worth, reworked her offers and pricing and moved into a one to many model that saw her sales increase by 25% over 3 months. 

Sarah stepped into her feminine magic, got brave AF and created a membership model that made her more in a month than she had made for the 3 months previous. 

So who the heck is leading this program?

Hi, I’m Michelle, I am 1000% committed to showing women that they can have it all in ease and flow when they tap ito the gifts they were born with. There are few reasons that I am the coach that can do that for you:

  • Not every coach walks the talk and has grown multiple businesses to multiple 6 figures within 6 months.
  • Not every coach knows how to apply energetics and quantum magic in practical terms.
  • Not every coach can activate you to your full potential.
  • Not every coach can mesh the woo with the do so get epic results that stick

It is time to unlock and unleash all of your feminine magic and learn how to reconnect to the quantum to get results in your business in ease and flow. 

It’s time to rise!

The world has shown you how to run your business

from the masculine model, but here’s what no one is telling you….

The reason you are not making the money or having the impact you know you are here for, is that you are operating out of alignment, (it is not that you have not yet nailed your sales page or have the right graphics).

You are meant for greatness, you are here to change the world and your success is not only possible, it is unstoppable. The universe wants to give you everything you need to make that a reality.

When you delaminate the masculine model of business that has you feeling stuck and holds you back from the results you can see inside of you, you can access the most powerful magic in the world to grow your business in ease and flow (instead of hustle and struggle).

The world wants to keep you confused, it does not want you to realize how powerful you really are, because when you are fully tapped into your soul, not only will you be a self-leading woman, but you will hold the power and become unfuckable with.

I created Emerge for those ready to be rewarded handsomely for unleashing their purpose work into the world and emerge as the trail blazers and leaders they really are

Let me take you through the portal to access your highest self, akashic records, and your own spiritual support team to expand your energy, access quantum results and your own feminine magic so you can channel hot AF offers straight from your womb that sell like hot cakes!


There are four powerful phases of Emerge that will see you crystallizing into the woman who gets to have it all, the money, the clients, the joy, the love.

1. Accessing Your Soul


Live soul activation session to get you tapped into soul right from the start


The method to access your higher self and inner wisdom FAST and with CERTAINTY – with downloadable journal for connecting to your higher self every day


Galactic re-coding for evolution process, past life activations and remembrance trainings 

2. Masculine Delamination


Exploring and releasing the masculine contructs that are holding us stuck


Calling forth and activating your inner feminine power


Taking back your personal power and installing supportive boundaries that allow you space and joy

3. Accessing Quantum Magic


Diving into magic that can be applied in a practical way


Step by step process for accessing the quantum


Method for channeling messages and deciphering codes

4. Crafting Aligned & Hot AF Offers


Training and method for creating your hottest offers


Creating a sales page that is hot as heck and converts


Emergence ceremony and ask me anything session

Your Investment


  • $333 Magic Michelle Money to credit to any program of your choosing
  • Full suite of Galactic Recoding For Evolution trainings – valued at $777

Total value of bonuses = $1111

$1600 with pay in full bonuses worth $1111.

Or payment plan of 4x $444 weekly payments

Don’t stay stuck

Are you ready to rise like the goddess you are and get on with changing the world?