Business Transformation Cocoon

Morph your business into its most aligned and juicy version yet by creating

an energetic cocoon to support your next level business creation 



for 72 hours


to Emerge



To Emerge


ready to transform? 

Are you ready to quantum leap in your business but don’t know in which direction?

Are you ready to have everything you need in order to transform your business into something that lights you up?

Are you ready to fall in love with your business all over again?

come and build your energetic business transformation cocoon… 

join us – live energetic MASTERCLASS friday 29th july 11am 

Get the following

Here’s what we will cover in the live 40min energetic masterclass:


An energetic swot analysis to set the scene for your transformation 


Gather ‘clues’ from your biz journey and your hidden desires to set the direction for your transformation


Deep energetic meditation to set the tone for your transformation


Create a support plan in the quantum to set the flow of your transformation

You cannot put a pair of wings on a chubby lil caterpillar and expect that mofo to fly. We have to shape, mold, pressurize, and grow her to EMERGE with a pair of magnificent wings. All that came before, and the entirety of her body, learnings, and nourishment are not wasted, they are transformed. 

This Transformation Cocoon allows you to Emerge

Why it works


In order to emerge as a new version of ourselves we need to be willing to let go of who and what we were before. 


Only once we have let go do we have the capacity to embrace a new awareness, trust, faith, skills and tools.


Just as a caterpillar enters a cocoon to support transformation, so can we – it speeds up the process. 


The cocoon is not only a ‘container’ to hold the caterpillar steady, it is also an incubator which turns up the heat on the ‘old ways’ that need to melt away to allow growth.


The Business Transformation Cocoon supports your quantum growth journey in a powerful and sustainable way and is pre-work for the program EMERGE.

Are you ready?

go ahead and watch the recording now

Who is Michelle?

Well I am not your average Business Coach, that’s for sure! I have all the quals including the MBA and have been successful in business for 20+ years… yet energetics is where I see the biggest shifts for my clients. Yes you need the structure and the savvy business strategy in order to make money, but those things ‘allow’ the money to land, it is the energetics that ‘call it in’.  I would love for you to grow your purpose led business and have a bigger impact in the world – because quite honestly, the world needs you, and it needs you NOW!