Are you best serving your business?
And are you really your best employee?

When you work for yourself, you are it, so if you are not ‘pulling your weight’ then your business WILL suffer.

This content might well shock you, and it will certainly trigger change for you. If you are feeling delicate right now, put a note in your electronic calendar to come back to this post because you don’t want to miss this message if…
* you are serious about getting more clients,
* getting results,
* and changing the world.
The difference between doing OK and doing GREAT is YOU.
You can have all the toys, all the tools, all the systems, but we oftentimes forget that WE ARE OUR BUSINESSES BEST ASSET.
If you are not doing great, then your business is not going to do great.
This is especially true if you are a soloprenuer, because YOU are the one doing all the work, and holding everything together. And it is equally true if you have employees, they take their cue from you, you are the leader in your business and if you are setting a tone which is less than on fire and in alignment with your goals, values and getting shit done, then you will not be creating the future you dream of.

I know today’s message is a wee slap in the face, and especially so for a Monday morning but this is what wants to come through to today. And trust me, you are perfectly normal, we all (yes even me) slip into a pattern which is not best serving us from time to time. We might get sick, we might have some stories going on, and we are probably scared too, but no matter what throws you off balance, or takes you away from flow, you gotta forgive yourself.
That is step number one, forgive yourself. You are human, you will make mistakes.
Secondly, accept that everything is for a reason, there might have been a damn great reason that you waffled off track, it might be that you discovered the next layer of what you truly want or do not want in your life, so seriously, quit the beat upcycle right now and get on with it, you will best serve your soul purpose and your tribe and therefore the make the world a better place when you actually just get on with it.
Thirdly, take a breath, and really dig deep, what is it that you DO want to create? And not create? What do you choose to let go of in order to achieve this new or up-leveled desire?
Fourthly, what are the aligned actions that you get to take now?
Fifthly, wrangle the shiz outta that diary, outsource and decide where you need help – you are not freaking superwoman and no one will think any less of you because you put your hand up and asked for help or because you put your own oxygen mask on first.

Structure is the missing ingredient, every time.
You can argue the point all you like, but you need STRUCTURE. We all need structure. I know I know, you want FREEDOM, but hear this and hear it good, the key to freedom is structure – this is no bull puky, this is the real deal. If you can discipline yourself to have the structure you will get all the freedom you desire.

Seriously, take a look at your idols, and think about what their day would really look like. Do you think they have structure?

Why else do you want structure?
1. you know that feeling of guilt you get at the end of a day when you have yet again dipped out on yourself and what you really wanted to achieve? – gone
2. You know that cycle of flogging yourself until you feel so bad you need a drink to escape because you sat your eggs all day instead fo pecking the fluffers open to release the goodness inside? – gone
3. You know that feeling of ‘why is this shi z so damn hard, I really tired today but still did not get there’ -gone
4. You know that feeling of ‘arg I never get the results I want’ – gone
5. You know that insane buzz you get when you did everything on your list – so much more of that
6. You know that soul fire burning bright when you change someone’s life? – you get that all day long, every day
7. You know that pride when the results trickle in and then come like a damn torrent? – you get that too
8. You know that inner peace you get from being in alignment and getting results and changing the world- yup, you get inner peace too
9. You know that sense of freedom you get because you no longer feel any guilt – yep you get freedom too

So here comes the real message, the real question for you today.
Are you being the best person possible for your business?
Are you giving your business everything that it needs?
If you were a paid employee (taking a wage of $800 pw) would you be satisfied with how you are performing or would you fire your ass?
Harsh I know, but we really are being called to up-level right now and we need to do it right now, not later, the time to serve our tribes is NOW.

The world needs you, darling, it needs you to show up now, not when the kids are grown, not later on when you have x, y and z implemented, but NOW.

It is time to invest in you to become the next level you. And the tools and systems that led you to where you are now, have been awesome, take a moment to celebrate how far you have come, and then…
Decide right now to up-level to get the new skills,
To foster the new mindset,
To upgrade your time management systems,
To bust the bullshit holding you back…
And if you want help with that, if you want to supercharge that,
If you want those results NOW instead of next year, then its time to invest in yourself through coaching. There hundreds of things you COULD do but the fastest way to success ifs through working on you.

Book in for a no-obligation chat today to see if working for me is the best thing for you right now. No harm, no foul, and no pressure. I will listen to you, really listen to you, and help you to figure out your next best step. I am literally here to serve, to make the world a better place.

Together we shall rise,