Hi Darling!

I’m Michelle Clarke and I’m delighted you’ve found me. If you’re reading this, the universe is telling you it’s time to step up. And I’m going to shine the light on the path for you.

So who the heck is Michelle Clarke? I’m a soul-led energy maverick, author, public speaker, business coach, animal lover, tree hugger, empath, and more than anything, an empowerer of women.

What does it mean to be an empowered woman? True empowerment is knowing you have everything you need inside of you to succeed. More than that, it is accepting you are here to change the world and standing up to do just that. 

In case nobody ever told you, you are a shining light and you are here to change the world – darling, we need you to stand up, the world needs what you’ve got!

Free to be the real you.
To experience the thrill of creation; have the confidence to be independent; the satisfaction of doing what you love; to bestow your gifts upon the world.
And most of all, to fulfil your life’s purpose.

I am committed to helping
you tap into your magic

You will emerge as your most victorious, potent, wholehearted, liberated and prosperous self.

I’ll help you build a thriving, soul-led business that gives you the freedom of time and money, allows you to find joy and get on with changing the world and standing in your power.
To help you remember who you really are and enable you to stand in your power, you’re going to unlearn what the world has told you. Women are shut down, shut up, and shut out. We haven’t been taught to step into our power, we’re hesitant to be visible and sometimes we struggle to put ourselves or our businesses first. That ends here.  I will teach you to go within and discover the strength you forgot you even had. I will be your cheerleader to help you to shine bright, not dim your light. I will inspire you to transform and build the business and life of your dreams. Yes, the journey will be both fun and challenging and it is so worth the effort. On the other side is FREEDOM. And it is yours for the taking.

Are you ready Goddess?

we shall

Michelle Xx

Do we


Let’s dig deeper and find out

My take on freedom

I want you to find true FREEDOM. Now is the time for women to rise and move into the equalist era where men and women stand alongside and support each other. We cannot tell our girls that they can do anything and then expect them to do everything, leaving them so burned out they don’t have time for themselves, let alone the energy to grow their make-a-difference business.
We fought for the ability to work and forgot to fight for our freedom! And the truth is, that our men WANT to support us, they are our biggest champions when we let them be!

Ask yourself:

Do you eat the burned toast and give everyone else in your family the perfectly toasted ones?

Do you run around doing everything for everyone else, answering emails and scrolling social media, to avoid doing the big scary aligned actions that will actually get you results

Do you put others first so often that you don’t even know what you want anymore?

All the time, I see women that want success but will not get it. Why?

They are afraid to commit to success because they barely have time to breathe

They worry that they are not good enough. ‘Hello, imposter syndrome!’

They think doubling their income means double the workload. (That’s not true, but don’t worry, I will show you how it all works.)

I want you to get visible. I want to teach you to OWN YOUR AWESOME

Because you ARE awesome.

Woo Woo for Women in Business is my new book that will allow you to take your business results to the next level.

My Architype:

Yang Metal

Yang Metal is KING energy, a person who can see what needs to happen and set everyone in motion to do it. It makes me awesome in business coaching, but fucking painful as a child and young adult. I was constantly in trouble for speaking the truth and being bossy. It took me a long time to own my nature, and while your archetype may not be the same, I want to show you how to FIND the real you, embrace it, and watch your business soar.

I grew up constantly hearing that I was TOO MUCH. Now I just own it. I will never be afraid to speak my truth again, and I want to help you find your voice too.

Energy &


I was born connected to soul ( as we all are) and as a child was teased mercilessly for being ‘away with the fairies’. I am an empath – and chances are, you probably are too.

Being an empath is no picnic. I feel others’ feelings so strongly that I sense beyond their emotions and true intentions through their physical sensations and aliments. Chances are you’re an empath too, and you may find that even though you love people and having fun, being around large crowds or around ‘certain people’ can leave you exhausted. Yes, being an empath is a gift, but one that needs harnessing and managing to move our businesses forward and safeguard our energy.

You might have seen my “success triangle” mentioned on this website or my social media. That success triangle is tied very strongly to soul. Your body is your best business tool, and I want to show you how to use it because these days, we are so up in our heads that we have lost touch with our bodies. The brain is there to point out any danger and keep you alive, not to make brave business decisions. You have your way to do things, one that fits YOUR values and YOUR skills. I want to show you how to tap into your soul KNOWING, and take aligned actions instead of all the steps. That’s how you say, ‘Goodbye imposter syndrome, hustle and overwhelm, and hello to real freedom and results.’

The part of the success triangle we start with is the success systems and mindset. We wrangle your beliefs and business systems to create space to dive into energetics (becoming magnetic to your soul mate clients) and aligned actions. I love and need order; it allows me to maintain the space and control required to be successful. Systems are awesome. I can help you create a plan that fits your way of being and streamlines your business.

The most misunderstood part of the triangle is the energetics. Energetics is about energy and quantum physics. We take the solid structures, plus your bravery and magnify your results into quantum levels – it is HOW we get epic results.

Am I woo woo? You bet. Am I also badass and take no shit? Yep. You CAN be both, and I’ll show you how.

Some quirky facts about me:

I dropped out of school at 16 as a straight-A student to become a beauty therapist. I had planned this all out at nine years old because I wanted to make people feel great, and I still do. I had saved up $10K to do the course myself by this age (that was enough to put a deposit on a house back then).

I had our family 90% self sufficient at one stage, making cheese, wine, growing all vegetables and protein.

I love to kiss animals, and my most treasured pet was my milking goat, Belinda.

I have a strange sense of humour and love to laugh. I find joy and fun in every situation (or find a way not to be involved). If something is fun, it will have good energy, and it will flow.

I am a homebody and love routine. It sets me free and allows me to achieve great things, but I have also travelled to over 30 countries and have lived and worked in three countries.

I was married, mortgaged, pregnant and had my first company by age 26.

I have managed 3 of the most prominent colleges in New Zealand and have over 19 qualifications, including an MBA and a Teaching Degree.

I have a wild pony (my Kaimaniwa Bramble – that’s her at the top) who bit me so hard when I first met her the wound took several weeks to close. She now sulks when I stop kissing her.

I can often be found bareback barrel racing or doing archery from my horse.

I am under 5 ft tall, 4.9 to be exact.

I live in the winterless north of New Zealand with my three dogs, cat, two horses, hubby and have a teenage daughter who has flown the nest

Now you know a bit about me.
I’d love to get to know you!

Let’s find your Awesome!