Hi There!

If you’re reading this, the universe is telling you it is time to rise. And we are ready to shine a light on the path for you.

Hi I am Michelle Clarke, founder of Empowerment EMpires. I’m a soul-led energy maverick, author, public speaker, coach, animal lover, tree hugger, empath, and more than anything, an empowerer of women.

Why do I want to empower woman? True empowerment is freedom. To be empowered means that you trust yourself, and know that you have inside of you all that you need to do what you are here to do in the world – and also the resources and resilience to source what ever you may need in the future too. This level of freedom sets the tone for everything. It allows you to live in full joy, to bravely share your truth and medicine with the world, to ask for what you desire and receive it with ease. But most importantly, it has us vibrating at a frequency which  positively impacts everyone and everything around us.

Everyone on the Empowerment Empires team is committed to helping
you elevate every area of your life

Do we


Let’s dig deeper and find out

Our take on elevation

The women who make up Empowerment Empires are here to elevate the vibration of the earth, and believe that this starts with our own personal vibration, or energy. We have been taught to put ourselves last, we take care of everyone else first and often find there is no juice left in the tank when we finally have time to ourselves. This depletes our energy, and over time, our vibration gets lower and lower, until one day we wake up and either find ourselves in burn out, unhappy with life but not sure why, or operating in a way that does not support what we want out of life.

We believe that all areas of our lives need to be elevated in order for us to thrive.  Have you noticed that when you let your health slide that you no longer have the energy to grow your business? Have you noticed that when your business is doing great, you have more energy to spend with your loved ones? Have you noticed that when your finances are stressed that your relationship struggles too? This is because one area of our lives always affects all the others. This is why we need to elevate all areas of our lives as a whole. And yes you can work on multiple areas with ease, you will find that elevation has a knock on effect that makes taking your life to dizzying new heights much easier than you ever thought possible.

I want you to live a life you can’t wait to leap out of bed for…

A life that you live on your terms!

Michelle’s Archetype:

Yang Metal

Yang Metal is KING energy, a person who can see what needs to happen and set everyone in motion to do it. It makes me awesome in coaching sessions and in organizing retreats, but pretty painful as a child and young adult.

I was constantly in trouble for speaking the truth and being bossy. It took me a long time to own my nature, and while your archetype may not be the same as mine, I want to show you how ebracing your truest self is the path to joy, freedom, health and wealth.

It’s all about focusing on our own ‘garden’. Building a life that matches our energy, our loves, our desires for the future.


“Don’t waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come”. – Mario Quintana

Energy &


I was born connected to soul (as we all are) and as a child was teased mercilessly for being ‘away with the fairies’. I am an empath – and chances are, you probably are too.

I feel others’ feelings so strongly that I sense beyond their emotions to their physical sensations. This really is a gift (even if I didn’t see it that way to begin with) because it allows me to get to the root of a challenge super fast – ideal for coaching!

Once I accepted that my spiritual connection was a gift and that just because others didn’t understand or approve of it, it didn’t mean that I shouldn’t use every unique gift and skill I had in all areas of my life, things got much easier! Now I use my spiritual connection to guide my business, my health, my wealth, and every other area of life with amazing results – semi retired and living off self generated passive income is not that common for women my age.

Some quirky facts about me:

I dropped out of school at 16 as a straight-A student to enter health training. I had planned this all out at nine years old because I wanted to make people feel great, and I still do. I had saved up $10K to do the course myself by this age (that was enough to put a deposit on a house back then).

I had our family 90% self sufficient at one stage, making cheese, wine, growing all vegetables and protein.

I love to kiss animals, and my most treasured pet was my milking goat, Belinda.

I have a strange sense of humour and love to laugh. I find joy and fun in every situation (or find a way not to be involved). If something is fun, it will have good energy, and it will flow.

Being a Taurus I am a homebody and love routine. It sets me free and allows me to achieve great things, but I have also travelled to over 30 countries, have lived and worked in four countries, and travel at least once a month.

I was married, mortgaged, pregnant and had my first company by age 26.

I have managed 3 of the most prominent colleges in New Zealand and have over 19 qualifications, including an MBA and a Teaching Degree and nutrtional qualifcations.

I had a NZ native wild pony (my Kaimaniwa Bramble) who bit me so hard when I first met her the wound took several weeks to close. I won her over eventually and she would sulk when I stop kissing her. My Anglo Arab mare that I have had since she was 2 lives with my beautiful ex-neighbour in New Zealand.

I am under 5 ft tall, 4.9 to be exact.

I live in on the sunny Algarve in Portugal with my hubby and our dog Zeela, and we have a 19 year old daughter who has flown the nest.

Now you know a bit about me.
I’d love to get to know you!