Running a business is a huge commitment. Running a business out of your home presents a unique host of additional challenges. Atop the list of those challenges is the task of creating and maintaining a home office or home workshop space that can accommodate your daily business needs. If your current home setup doesn’t cut the mustard, Empowerment Empires hopes one of these options will help you create a workspace that works for your business.



Starting a new business involves a lot of work. Among the many startup tasks, there’s handling the market research, drafting a business plan, and securing financing. Then there’s choosing a business structure, creating a business name, and setting up business accounts.

With all the important work required to start your business, you may not have given much thought to your office setup. However, a poorly designed office space can seriously hamper your productivity. Before jumping into a more serious workspace revamp, try redesigning your current home office space, keeping these principles in mind:

  • Lighting: Research indicates that lighting quality plays a major role in workplace productivity. Try to utilize natural lighting as much as possible. You should also invest in high-quality task lighting for those late-night work sessions.
  • Organization: Nothing kills productivity like stress and clutter. Be sure your office space is inviting, organized and free of any negative energy.
  • Productivity: A standing desk can improve your productivity and keep you healthier!
  • Acoustics: If your business requires a lot of phone or video calls, be sure that your office acoustics allow you to hear your calls — and only your calls. It’s also optimal to invest in a quality headset.



If your current home office space isn’t sufficient and your budget allows, consider renovating your home to create a custom-designed workspace to suit your business needs and maximize your productivity levels. Start by calculating the amount of space required for storage, furniture, and optimal organization, keeping potential business growth in mind. Don’t forget about details like power needs and tech requirements: For example, you wouldn’t want to turn your detached garage into a home office only to learn that the space gets a spotty Wi-Fi signal.



When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Empowerment Empires has the solutions you need to build and grow your business. Through soul-led energy shifts and a new perspective, we can get you “quantum results” that launch your business and life into a whole new stratosphere. Reach out now to connect with Michelle Clarke.